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Gold Bee Charm

Gold Bee Charm

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Bees are considered to be a symbol of love, magic and romance and are thought to bring good luck, wealth and abundance to the wearer. We’re not promising all the above but you can expect to generate a lot of buzz once you pop these honeys on any Bunx accessory. 

The bee charms are available in two sizes: Queen (big) and Baby (little). The size you choose depends on how much of a statement you’d like to make. 

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✱ 18k gold coated brass 

✱ Big Bee Length: 3cm / 1.1" 

✱ Baby Bee Length: 2.5cm / 0.98"

✱ Big Bee Weight: 8 grams / 0.28 oz

✱ Little Bee Weight: 5 grams / 0.17 oz 


✱ Remove when sleeping & when overly active 

✱  Avoid contact with and anything containing derivatives of alcohol 

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