Hi, I’m Bunx. That’s what my family and friends call me, and now that you’re here, you can too. Welcome to my world, where my imagination runs wild—from pasta swirls drenched in sauce to constellations glittering in a holographic sky. Bunx, the brand, is all about bringing these vivid dreams to life and sharing them with you.

I’ve had the privilege of illustrating for stars like Dua Lipa and major brands like Nike, but now my art is stepping off the page and into the realm of jewellery and apparel. Each piece in this collection is hand-designed by me, inspired by my unique illustrations. 

Bunx is an escape into your imagination, a break from the everyday, and an invitation to embrace every facet of your personality. Choose the pieces that speak to you, take them on your adventures, and let them create new stories.

With Love,


Bunx is a brand dreamt up by Australian-Italian designer Bianca Bosso.