What I'm Listening To Right Now

What I'm Listening To Right Now

This week, I’ve been popping on my headphone and diving into new releases from Tove Lo, Shygirl, and Flo. I used to run music website The Interns so I like to keep up with what’s going on each week in music. I feel like your music taste says a lot about you as a person and in this case, also helps you get to know my brand’s personality a little better.

Tove Lo - Pineapple Slice

Tove Lo’s whole new album ‘Dirt Femme’ has been on repeat since it dropped but I’m a sucker for an SG Lewis beat. ‘Pineapple Slice’ feels as cheeky as the charms that I’ve created. I think Tove is the ultimate popstar - completely uninhibited, fearless and a stack of fun. 

Shygirl - Firefly

Shygirl is making some of the most interesting pop music around right now. Something about ‘Firefly’ is throwing me back to the early ‘00s. It’s giving me visions of the future. Not the future I envision now but the future we did back in the early ‘00s where everything was metallic and we were living in spaceships. 

Flo - Not My Job

I love a good girl group - some of my favourites are All Saints, Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. There’s something about Flo that makes me feel like they will be joining that list. They are a young trio from UK who are channeling that early ‘00s R&B sound that I’ve been desperately missing. 

Rina Sawayama - Hurricanes

Rina Sawayama’s second record ‘Hold The Girl’ is stacked with bops. ‘Hurricanes’ is where it’s at for me right now though. She goes heavy on the pop/rock sound and delivers something that feels like it came straight from a Hilary Duff movie in the best way. 

Beyoncé - Virgos Groove

Is it just me or does Renaissance still have a hold on you after all these months? I rinse and repeat daily but at the moment Virgos Groove is the one that’s standing out to me. The beat makes me feel instantly good like there’s a calm taking over my body. Unlike the rest of Renaissance which makes me want to find the nearest club immediately. 

Jessie Ware - Free Yourself

Jessie Ware is the current queen of disco and she’s doubled down on that with ‘Free Yourself’. Louder and more confident than anything she’s down in the past it’s got the sort of chorus that instantly commands you to dance. The video is also absolute perfection.

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