How To Channel Your Inner 'Mob Wife'

How To Channel Your Inner 'Mob Wife'


Move over Clean Girl Aesthetic, there's a new mob boss in town. It's called 'Mob Wife' and it's the latest trend to take over TikTok.

Beyond the shimmering runways and glitzy screens, the Mob Wife Aesthetic is steeped in drama, allure, and rebellion. Drawing inspiration from the cinematic portrayals of strong Italian-American women like Carmela in The Sopranos, Sharon Stone in Casino, and Lorraine Bracco's unapologetic boldness in Goodfellas, this aesthetic isn't merely about donning extravagant garments; it's about crafting an image of power and confidence that demands attention.

Imagine square French tip nails, wrapped around a dry martini or a strong espresso, complemented with voluminous big hair, and shaded by oversized, dark sunglasses.

The allure is in the details—bold and smokey makeup, luxe fluffy coats, daring animal prints (tiger or leopard, take your pick), sheer tights, and confidently adorned with kitten heels and flashy gold jewelry.

Rooted in Italian-American history, where real-life figures and fictional characters became icons of style and power, this culture goes beyond the superficial. It evokes an energy of boldness and intrigue. 

It's about embracing drama and embodying the sass that defines the Mob Wife lifestyle. It's a call to ditch the mundane, and embrace a 'more is more' attitude. 

Here at Bunx, we celebrate all things Italian glamour, combining flashy gold with playful motifs. Our pieces slip effortlessly into the Mob Wife Aesthetic, complementing the allure of the trend. See below for some ideas. 

Spaghetti & Meatball Earrings
Spaghetti & meatballs are the epitome of Italian-American cuisine, while the gold and the pearl are peak Mob Wife aesthetic. 

Spaghetti and meatball earrings

Gold Farfalle Charm Necklace

Embrace the power of Italian glamour with this flashy yet sophisticated piece.

Farfalle Charm Necklace

Chilli Earrings

Spice up your Mob Wife-inspired look with our chili earrings. These bold and fiery accessories add a playful twist to your ensemble, reflecting the confident and unapologetic attitude that defines the trend.

Chilli Earrings
Martini Olives Earrings 

Toast to the Mob Wife lifestyle with our martini olives earrings. As dry martinis become an integral part of the aesthetic, these earrings are the perfect match, embodying the glamour and sophistication of the trend.

Martini Olive Earrings
Tomato Earrings

You can't get more Italian than the humble tomato. 

Tomato Earrings
Garlic Earrings

Infuse a bit of Italian flavour into your ensemble with our garlic earrings. They're a nod to the culinary delights associated with the Mob Wife lifestyle.

    Garlic Earrings 

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